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Lay Days on Oahu: Capturing Perfect Blue-Green Gems

I overpaid for my flight to Oahu, but that's OK. The last-minute execution was worth every penny. Book too far in advance and it's a crap shoot on the surf conditions you get. Will it be too big? Will it be flat? I waited and analyzed every model every minute ...

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Top 5 Places to Mountain Bike

Mountain biking can be a way to get out and enjoy scenery that you couldn’t see if you stayed on the road. From singletrack trails to downhill and enduro rushes, there are many different experiences you can choose from. Although there are known great destinati...

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4 Tips for Your First Hike Deep into the Mountains

There is so much to experience in the great outdoors, and so much to learn about how to make the most of those experiences. If you’re from the city, or even the suburbs, hiking can open up a whole new world from the one you’ve always known. The benefits of hik...

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Lalo Fuentes’ Lifestyle Fitness Vacations

Want to go on an adventure you’ve only dreamed about, journey to parts unknown, and experience life around the globe? Celebrity trainer Lalo Fuentes’ Lifestyle Fitness Vacations provide all that and more. Just don’t call them fitness retreats or fit tours: the...

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