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HUMANFITPROJECT stands for more than the usual extensive list of fitness regimens, supplements, and physiques. We are an infusion of Leonardo Da Vinci’s man with vigor, spirit and flair. We are shaping a philosophy that exceeds the physical appearance alone — it’s the journey of living with purpose and power.

HUMANFITPROJECT is the commanding surge that propels you to live your best life possible. You see it in all of our content, and more importantly, in the lives of our team. Our approach is distinct, and we place an unmistakable signature, stamp, and standard on fitness. The craftsmanship is evident throughout, right down to the logo carefully etched into the home page of our website — an individual hallmark of absolute quality.

You’ll appreciate what we offer, from the articles, videos, and workouts we produce, to the products     we review, and the events and adventures we cover. Our content is crafted by the strong hand, and produced from the heart and soul by a team of knowledgeable and experienced fitness professionals — although we can tell you, you’ll be able to decide for yourself.

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