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6 moves to do before even getting out of bed

There are very few things that come before coffee. These six moves get a pass. We all wake up achy or stiff from time to time. Sometimes it's from a serious workout, other times it's stress, or it can even be a combination of the two. From personal experien...

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The Survival Plan: Building an Unbreakable Machine

What if you actually had to push, pull, or even carry something incredibly heavy? How about sprint, jump, or climb? And would you have the stamina to do if for a sustained amount of time? Looking big, strong, and durable is one thing—being big, strong, and dur...

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7 Ways to Improve Your Flexibility Without Trying

Spending hours in the gym every week working out and focusing on your physique can take its toll in many ways. More often than not, the regular gym-goer wants to build muscle and stresses the importance of pounding weights - with little regard to increasing fl...

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The Most Well-Rounded Workout of All-Time

If you’re interested in putting on some serious size, the most well rounded workout of all time is one that encompasses multiple major muscle groups in the form of compound movements. When you want to build a house, you start with a good foundation; starting f...

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The Post-Workout Recovery Playbook

The first thing we think of in terms of recovery is normally supplementation. But there are other things that affect recovery that can be just as important.SleepThis is vital in aiding recovery. Getting 8 hours sleep at night helps the body produce more growth...

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  As we can see in some of the bigger gyms around town, common fat burning programs include some sort of cardiovascular training designed around the treadmill or the elliptical machines. Among the keys to losing fat is a total body exercise program tha...

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