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The core ripper and heart rate lifter workout

I love to combine core work with cardio work. The following workout is structured into three main parts. For this particular workout, the first part is a time-based challenge. With each consecutive week you will be able to track your progress. It's plank ro...

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The 3-day Monster plan for size and power

This is called the Monster plan because that's exactly what it will do to you—turn you into a monster. If you've been training several days per week or doing a lot of high-intensity interval stuff for the last few months, this is a nice block of change. Month ...

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The Detox Workout Plan v2.0

ONE, TWO, THREE too many. We've all been there. Truth is: Alcohol is a diuretic, and diuretics cause dehydration. Dehydration reduces protein synthesis which hampers the body’s ability to build and rebuild muscle. Dehydration will also reduce performance in...

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The Intermix Workout Plan

PUSH A "BULK" too far and you've got extra fat to work off. Push a "cut" too far and you're burnt out and weak. The Intermix is the solution to both potential pitfalls, and makes perfect sense for spring and summer weather. It's part weight-training, part cond...

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The 10×10 Workout Plan

WHETHER YOU'VE HEARD of it or not, German Volume Training, or GVT for short, has been around the weightlifting world since the 70s. The idea between GVT is to overload your muscles with extreme volume, but with fewer exercises. The traditional setup you'd see ...

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